Tree Outdoor Christmas Displays

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^ TR-02 Cheer Tree
The Christmas cheer tree cut out is one of our largest standard Christmas trees.  The little elf helper thinks it is larger than life and wants to join in the festive spirit of spreading some Christmas cheer, while you can see just how large this display is.  Looks fantastic with lights inserted into the drilled holes (drilled before painted). This Christmas display was originally designed to be place behind the waving Santa laying in your home garden. The Christmas cheer tree can also be used indoors in the busy family home, in the office foyer or to compliment your shop window during the festive season.   Bright Design Christmas Cut Out Order Number TR-02

  • 240cm x 120cm   (2.4m x 1.2m) (8ft x 4ft)


^ TR-04 Decorated Tree
Create the "wow" factor for all your friends to enjoy or greet a shop front display to delight your customers.  Should you order this display well in advance, optional holes can be drilled to insert fairy Christmas lights, making it a great Christmas cut out for looking fantastic day and night.  Decorating a Christmas tree has never been easier.  When ordering this Christmas Cut out please indicated with or without drilled holes.  Bright Design Christmas Cut Out Order Number TR-04

  • 150cm x 120cm   (1.5m x 1.2m)   (5ft x 4ft)


^ TR-07 Santa's Workshop Outdoor Christmas Display
A traditional scene of Santa's Workshop at the north pole.  This Christmas display is handmade and custom airbrushed as a one piece cut out and available to add to any family home or commercial Christmas display.  Should you wish to order this as a two piece Christmas decorations you must order well in advance before the Christmas rush.  Bright Design Christmas Cut Out Number TR-07

  • 120cm x 170cm  (1.2m x 1.7m)

^ TR-09 Santa's Workshop with Australian Ute Outdoor Christmas Display
Santa checking his Christmas present list while in the back of the Australian ute, stopped outside Santas' Workshop. This Christmas display is handmade and custom airbrushed with a traditional Christmas snow background, while in an Australian icon during the festive season. When ordering this Christmas cut out, well in advance, please indicate your preferred colour of the ute.  Bright Design Christmas Cut Out Order Number TR-09

  • 180cm x 140cm   (1.8m x 1.4m)  (6ft x 4 1/2 ft)



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